Where will your GOALS take you this year?

The second  week of 2017 is  almost over.

My closets are organized, my low-carb eating habits still intact, my work-outs are less enthusiastic but are still in my schedule, and my email in-box is almost virtually clean.  This year’s PERSONAL goals are on track.  But what about my AUTHORPRENEUR goals?

As an authorpreneur, my writing and editing goals should be easy.  After all, I’m happiest when I’m writing.  It’s what I was put on this Earth to do.  (Smiley-face emoticon)

However, my writing goals are less than ambitious, if non-existent.  In fact, it’s taken me two weeks to write my goals down and share them!  I’ve been told sharing your goals adds the element of accountability, but I’ve been struggling all week with sharing my 2017 WRITING goals.  Is anyone else challenged with New Year goals?  Do you even make New Year goals?  Can we make a list together?  It’s never too late.

And did you happen to notice how I avoided the word Resolutions?

New Year Resolutions always sound like a punishment.  Just the word, RESOLUTION, makes me cringe.

But now, here I go – write your goal(s) down, too!

Author Pamela Laux Moll 2017 Goal List:

  • Write more about what I love
  • Market my writing more
  • Become Best Selling author in my category (Separate posts coming soon on this)

There, it’s done.  I made it simple.

Here’s the bigger objective: to write more and to promote more.  Something I can achieve over the course of a year.

Did you come up with a list? Keep it simple.

Now, let’s break it down into smaller steps.  Something you and I can do every month towards our goals.

For me, my smaller goal would be to write 4,000 words a month about things I love.

Did you break your list down, monthly?

Now, let’s break it down into small weekly or daily tasks.

Since I love the water, whether it’s for boating, shelling, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, photographing, sunning, beaching, or drinking (not drinking water, drinking rum runners at the beach), then I should write more about my water adventures and see where that goal takes me.

Specific Goal: Write a weekly post around 1,000 words or two smaller blogs a week that are around 500 words. Promote my books in my blogging efforts.

Okay… check!  My challenge and goals are set and accountable.

Are yours?  Do you even give a hoot? (this being the cleaned-up version because my kids, my mom, my day-job boss, and tender ears may be reading this)

Work through the smaller steps, think baby steps, and eventually – little-by-little – you’ll attain your bigger goals.

About my writing/blogging goals:

I used to blog weekly, from 2010-2015.  My webmaster deleted those old blogs from my new website to clean it up.  Also, blogging used to be kewl.  Blogging is still in, though; it’s just presented to us in different formats, and now it seems that everyone blogs or posts.  Social media has made mini-bloggers out of all of us.  I don’t expect a lot of feedback or conversations on my website posts because we have social media for that. Feel free to comment and I’ll comment back.  As an author, I feel writing posts/blogs is a must.  For the last few years, my vehicle for blogging came in short Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. posts to my 10,000 friends, family, and reading fans-followers.

The reason I fell off blogging is because I spent my wee hours of the morning writing my books, and not spending time posting new content on my web site.

What if I could combine the two, though?  Blog a book?  I could blog-write, publish, and promote my book all at the same time…

My bigger goal this year is to promote my writing so I can create a built-in readership.

As I post-write, I want to create writings that could be used in my stories.  Write a chapter at time and eventually blog-a-book.  It may be helter-skelter at first, but as the year progresses it will fall into place.

My last two novels (and one I’m currently writing) are focused around islands and sea adventures, as well as action-packed treasure hunting, so I assure you you’ll get descriptive and imaginative writing.  I’m a visual person.

Ask anyone who knows me or follows me, as I love to take photos.  You can count on a lot of photos in my blogging.

Combining the photos and the blog-a-book will be challenging, but I’m up for it.

So, let’s get started!

Happy New Year!

What are your New Year goals? Aspirations? Thoughts? Dreams?



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