What I’ve learned in LIFE! Dad’s Rock!

I’m bringing back an Old Blog.  Going Retro for Father’s Day!

What I’ve learned in LIFE! Dad’s Rock!


Dad, now that I’m a parent myself, I know what you and mom went through…HELL.

  • Dad, my kids often remind me of myself and my siblings when I was a kid- happy now?  Sure go ahead and laugh.
  • Summer eating is fun; since all the men want to be chefs, especially competitive dads, they want to bar-b-que where no man has bbq before!  Go for it!
  • Dad, whenever I run into life’s little problems- I think back to all the advice you’ve given me.  Damn, I wish I would have been listening.
  • Sure grandpa, now that the kids are all jacked up on candy and sodas, it’s time to take them back to mom and dad.
  • Dad, can you offer any helpful advice on raising teenagers?  Uh, pointing and laughing isn’t advice.
  • On Mother’s Day my kids brought me breakfast in bed.  On Father’s Day the only way my hubby is getting breakfast in bed is if he sleeps in the kitchen.
  • I learned that my hubby shouldn’t complain about all my pairs of shoes.  He has twice as many wrenches that he never uses.
  • Why does he have so many different size and shape wrenches anyway?
  • When our dryer broke, my husband said he could fix it…if he had the right size wrench!
  • I learned that hunting through a man’s toolbox is worse than a man hunting through a ladies purse.
  • I learned how to remove a cork from a bottle of wine without an opener, leave it in the freezer overnight.
  • There’s something about the hot weather that makes some people get a little frisky with their fashion choices.   Edgy stilettos and barely-there short dresses, really?
  • I’m still trying to figure out when Hawaiian Bermuda shorts, Jackie-O sunglasses, and tank tops went out- of- style?  Where’s Miuccia Prada when I need her?
  • I learned that faux tanners don’t work for me; I end up looking like a sick zebra.
  • When did Military styles come back?  I just sold all my cargo pants and camouflage at my garage sale only to find the same get-ups at the department stores.
  • Wait, that’s skinny pants with cargo pockets to be worn with double platforms and a sequin tee?  Never mind.
  • My diet is a constant battle between, sweetened or unsweetened, broiled or fried, chocolate or double chocolate.
  • I bought some herbal tea that is supposed to help my memory but I forgot where I put it.
  • I learned it’s probably time to cut back on the chlorine in the pool when the beach ball melts.
  • Smoke bacon explosion, smoke duck, and smoked cheesecake… count me in.
  • After football, basketball and hockey…at last baseball & golf, two whistle free sports most men can sleep through.
  • I want to get chocolate wasted!
  • Now that summer is here, I don’t have to cook breakfast for the kids because they wake up at noon.
  • You shouldn’t be eating candy so early. We have donuts.
  • I learned that you don’t choose your family; they are god’s gift to you.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world!

What are you doing for Father’s Day?  What did you learn in LIFE?

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