Summer is in Full Swing

What I’ve learned in LIFE: Summer is in Full Swing!

July 20, 2016

Here are my random observations and other random thoughts that were comprised from my list of what I have learned and observed over the past week and over the years.  As a writer, when I get a random thought, I usually jot it down in my notebook wherever I am, and whenever the mood strikes me. A lot of times, I’ll read these one-liners later and wonder; what was I thinking?  Where did that come from? So don’t ask. They made sense at the time! Enjoy and let me hear your thoughts about your summer so far!

  • Is it just me, but summer sports are , well, um, let’s just say after the Stanley Cup of Hockey playoffs, sports went from exciting to watching grass grow…golf, swimming, tennis, now baseball, that’s better.
  • Golf, I watch it to see what John Daly is wearing.
  • The blond bomber ball buster sets the style for the golf course with his Pineapple Pants!
  • I repeat, John Daly wore pineapple pants for a professional golf tournament in Scotland. #yougo
  • The main highlight of the Open, Daly’s pineapple slacks. This coming from a Florida girl.
  • The British Open is not all flat; some bunkers are so huge you can lose children in them.
  • Who cares about the golf scores, the scenery is great.
  • Unlucky Mickelson. #secondisgood
  • “I’m Bored, Mom.”  Summer is in full swing.
  • It’s a skinfest at the pool, at the beach and even shopping.  I am starting to sound like my mom; “Where’s the rest of your outfit?”
  • Summer-where according to my hubby, it’s too hot outside for picnics, but when he is given the choice between obtaining his food from an adorable wicker basket or from a flaming , hot grill, he will always pick the grill.
  • Summer – when the flies steal meals from the hard working ants.
  • Did you know some meat flies can smell meat from a mile away?
  • Summer – when the meat files stay around for dessert.
  • Summer– where you wake up every morning excited to spend a full day with your children, but go to bed every night praying for school to start.
  • I’m happy it’s July, where other people have the kids for a week!  (JK, kids… Really.)
  • I learned that this week was humid and a good week for hair products.
  • On my airplane this week there was a baby in front of me that insisted on standing on his mom’s lap the entire flight.  Good thing we weren’t going to China, she would have needed thighs of steel.
  • I offered to help get the baby to settle down and to calm the other passengers, but they didn’t want my sedatives.
  • Not what you’re thinking! The sedatives were for all the adults around the baby, not the baby.  (Well, all the adults, except the pilots.)
  • The baby finally sat down because the mom threatened to take him to see Santa Claus when we landed.  (All kids are born with an instinctive terror of Santa.)
  • While driving through the farmlands of Texas, I saw a sign which read, “Used Cows for Sale”. What? Really?
  • With young adults & teens when traveling we get several hotel  rooms now.  I don’t miss the kind of family togetherness that was only achieved by cramming five people into one small hotel room.
  • With older kids, I don’t miss buying tacky souvenirs.
  • There are dozens of different ways to wear my convertible, reversible, easily packable dress that I brought on my vacation and I can only figure out one -hanging in the closet.
  • Gypset dresses, huh?  A cross between a gypsy, jet-set, bohemian, mini, maxi dress…but it packs well.
  • Summer hockey is odd; sitting in an ice rink watching hockey when it’s 102 degrees outside.
  • So how does Author, James Patterson publish two or three books a year?  My writing goal is to write as many words this year as James Patterson wrote last week.
  • My most satisfying task today was crumbling my sign, “No Chocolate-Ever!”
  • Headlines on my laptop this am, RNC winners and losers for speakers at the RNC, or the article about how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg? #perfect egg #I saw the speeches live

How’s your summer going?  Are you traveling?  Where’s your favorite city to visit?  What are your favorite things to do while visiting a new place?

I love to hear comments back, and feel free to post them on the blog under the comment button.  I get a lot of emails from my readers but feel free to post comments too.   Follow me on twitter, where most of these random thoughts originated.  Twitter: @pamlaux


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