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Alright, it’s official! A #TeamGoPamela Street Team has been formed!

I truly appreciate the support I receive from my fans. I started writing as a hobby, but now I write to bring joy to my readers. This Street Team was created as a way for me to personally connect with the most devoted Pamela Laux Moll fans!

We have a few more signed up, and we’re growing!

So, keep signing up.  Sign Up for what?  What’s a Street Team?

By definition, a Street Team is a group of fans who canvas/haunt/stalk places and promote a particular author. That would be internet sites, social media, blogs, book stores, cafes, libraries, and of course via word of mouth. Basically, my Street Team is creating buzz about my books.

Of course, there has to be something in it for my Street Team. While I know y’all love me, you would of course like to see some love in return for talking me up. So, see below for what’s in it for you by joining #TeamGoPamela.  (Hint: signed books, monthly prize drawings, and many other great giveaways, not all book related.)

What I’m looking for are readers of action-packed suspense that have a passion to share what they’ve read and talk up their favorite author.

Why Join the Pamela Laux Moll Street Team? (#TeamGoPamela)

1.    We’ll keep you in the know and you can make a difference….
How can you make a difference?

Did you know that my love language is that I enjoy giving and receiving gifts (a gifter)? Sure, I love to receive a gift now and again, and maybe I did take the Love Language Quiz in the month of May, when my birthday and Mother’s day had just occurred.  But I love giving gifts, more than receiving.   (You should see under my Christmas tree, on December 25th!)  And I like to reward those who enjoy my books.

How? First and foremost, you will get the latest and greatest news from me.

In addition to getting the latest news first, there are often early mornings when I’m writing and I need a helping hand.  I will query my Street Team, after the sun comes up, for help with naming the characters, picking the best locations for a scene, and even helping choose the best titles or covers for my upcoming releases.

I’ll get you involved in making the stories and books.

2.    Win Awesome Stuff

Remember that part above about me being a gifter? I love giveaways and contests and rewarding people.  Throughout the year, I will reward my #TeamGoPamela with special giveaways available only to those who are a part of the Street Team.

And the larger the Street Team becomes, the more we can share! The more we share, the more special promotions I can offer – like special meet-ups (Meet the Author), Free books, Book Signings, and more!

The more readers help and support me as an author, the more books can be written and published! You all may not know this, but a large part of promotion falls on the shoulders of authors.  So I like to tell people, I’m not just an author, but I have to be a web designer, a graphic designer, marketing analyst, promoter, publicist, and philanthropist. With the help of my loyal readers promoting my books and getting the word out, that’s more time I can devote to the creation of future books.

Then you get to read more books! And we love that.

So, how do you get on the Team?  What’s involved?

There are many aspects of a Great Street Team.

Here’s the simplest ask I have, for my #TeamGoPamela, and that’s for when large events happen (for example: Girl Alone on an Island  Book 2 is going to be released on June 24, 2016, and Diamond Island Book 3 is going to be released on October 21st) – you will receive an email and I will ask that you share the news on your social media sites.

No biggie, right!?

Sign Me Up for the Best Street Team Ever!

Please feel free to grab this badge for your Website/Blog – Copy this code…

Join #TeamGoPamela

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