Survival Island Box Set

1. Island of Lies

Two survivors. One island. No one to trust…

Ryleigh Lane desperately needed a vacation. The whistle-blower is about to appear in court to go up against a corrupt pharmaceutical exec. If she’s successful, the case will reveal a deadly secret. Shortly before the trial, a carefree cruise with her new boyfriend, Elliot, changes everything. A sudden storm leaves them stranded alone on a tiny island.

Elliot Finn is incredibly mysterious… and completely sexy. His resourcefulness helps Ryleigh get through the early days on the island. But as they fight for survival, Ryleigh realizes they’re both guarding dark secrets.

Romance blooms alongside suspicion. Will this new case put Ryleigh’s life on the line?

Island of Lies is the first book in the Survival Island series, a set of suspenseful thriller novels. If you like sizzling chemistry, riveting suspense, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Pamela Laux Moll’s captivating series starter.

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2. Girl Alone on an Island

A deadly paradise. A case for the ages. Fighting for her life could mean saving thousands more…

Ryleigh Lane has been stranded on a tropical island for over a month. As she waits and hopes for her sexy boyfriend Elliot to return, she must survive the sun-filled days and terrifying nights without him. As the hours tick away, she wonders how soon it will be until the island tremors and treasure hunters end her life.

Elliot Finn feels nothing but guilt for his decision to leave Ryleigh by herself. Doing his best to keep the case against a corrupt pharmaceutical rep alive without its key witness, Elliot learns that the girl he loves may not be as safe as he previously thought.

Surrounded by massive rodents and poisonous snakes, Ryleigh has no choice but to get off the island. Can Elliot get to her in time, or will Ryleigh’s luck give out?

Girl Alone on an Island is the second book in the exhilarating Survival Island series. If you like fast-paced action, gripping suspense, and captivating plot twists, then you’ll love Pamela Laux Moll’s nail-biting novel.

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Stranded on a tropical island for over a month, as she waits and hopes for her sexy boyfriend Elliot to return, she must survive the sun-filled days and terrifying nights without him.

3. Diamond Island

A forgotten treasure. An ill-fated island. Twin sisters are hot on the trail of a multi-generational mystery…

After being stranded for a month on a deserted island, Ryleigh Lane is home safe. But she’d rather be back on the island. She knows her temporary tropical home holds the key to uncovering an incredible family secret. She’ll stop at nothing to find out the truth, but her rich and ruthless nemesis is just as determined to find the Lane fortune first. Even if it means disposing of its rightful heiress.

Stalked by enemies at every turn, Ryleigh enlists her twin sister and their CIA agent boyfriends for help. They embark upon a wild hunt for clues from South Florida to the South Pacific.

With immense riches on the line, it’s impossible to know who to trust. Can Ryleigh uncover the treasure and the truth… before she too is buried deep beneath the sand?

Diamond Island is the third book in the Survival Island saga, a series of sea adventure novels that mix the action of Clive Cussler with the romance of Nora Roberts. If you like vivid tropical settings, pulse-pounding plot twists, and passion on the high seas, then you’ll love Pamela Laux Moll’s steamy thrillers.

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