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Alright, it’s official! A #TeamGoPamela Street Team has been formed! I truly appreciate the support I receive from my fans. I started writing as a hobby, but now I write to bring joy to my readers. This Street Team was created as a way for me to personally connect with the most devoted Pamela Laux Moll fans! We have a few more signed up, and we’re growing!

A Walk on the Beach…

I’m often up early, and love the tropics and watching the sunrise over the sea. I wake up, have my coffee, watch frolicking dolphins, and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the ocean. I look forward to my early morning tromps up and down the seashore, seeing what the tides have washed up on the beach. The impeccable shell of a sea creature, the rounded smooth sea glass, the seagrasses, sponges, and the live sea life washed up and stranded on shore.

What Genre of Fiction Would You Write?

I love suspense and romance fiction. And that’s what inspired me to write in this genre. However, I’d heard that writers should research what’s the hottest selling genre and write in that category. In other words, as an author, I should research the top 50 books that are selling and write books similar to the ones flying off the shelves. For example, when Twilight was hot, then write about Vampires. When Fifty Shades of Grey was hot, write erotica romance.

Be You! Be Happy!

I’ve been missing for over a year. Missing from blogging, missing online from my readers, and missing as a part-time author. I’ve been here in the background, and I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post for a while, but I just couldn’t do it. A lot has happened in my life. Good. Great. Awesome. And not so great. To say I wasn’t feeling the urge to write this blog is an understatement. But, I’m back. I’m no longer missing. Here’s the new me, and a quickie recap of my last year. Hold on tight. Grab a drink and a seat.

Build-A-Bear Recalls Plush Furry Stuffed Animal Toy Due to Choking Hazard

Plush Blue furry creature , called Sulley, from the Monsters movies is being recalled because the stuffed animal’s eyes can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children

I Can Now Drop the Word Aspiring from Author!

PLUSH is AVAILABLE on Amazon in both the Paperback Printed and Kindle versions.  It will be rolled out to Barnes and Noble Nook, iPad, Kobo, [...]


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