A Walk on the Beach…


I’m often up early, and love the tropics and watching the sunrise over the sea. I wake up, have my coffee, watch frolicking dolphins, and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the ocean.  I look forward to my early morning tromps up and down the seashore, seeing what the tides have washed up on the beach.  The impeccable shell of a sea creature, the rounded smooth sea glass, the seagrasses, sponges, and the live sea life washed up and stranded on shore.

I often spend time at the beach thinking and writing… as I find the water and sand to be most captivating. I’m enthralled by the rising and setting sun on an empty beach.  It’s truly an awesome way to embrace my brain’s solitude and open it for new stories in life and on paper.

My simple life is barefoot on a beach. What’s your simple life?

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I’m your typical writer. I fill the early mornings before the sun comes up, sitting at my favorite spot, creating new characters, new scenes, and new stories. My creativity and wanderlust, especially if it involves water, never ends.

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